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The Photography Institute offers you the most advanced and comprehensive online solution to learning available today. Online education has quickly become the preferred method of study for people around the world, who are looking for additional skills to enable them to make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more rewarding or accomplish a personal quest for self improvement.

Learn in your own time, in your own home and at your own pace.

Distance learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, although it is the interaction and immediacy of the web, which has revolutionised modern study methodology.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which produce unparalleled results. Our students consistently produce higher quality work and achieve higher levels of proficiency, in a shorter period of time, than other teaching methods can provide. The continuing achievements of our students and the professional recognition and external validation of our programs is a testimony to the high quality of our courses.

The Professional Photography Courses offer you, the most advanced alternative to a conventional classroom, for the training of photography. We offer the most thorough online courses in photography that are available anywhere in the world, using the very latest online learning techniques.

Our courses bring you everything you need to achieve the success you desire.

Although some conventional schools run photographic correspondence courses as a sideline, we have specialised in teaching photography solely online. The days of corresponding via video or audiotapes, CD's or DVD's or paperwork through the mail is over. Our methodology gives the student fast access to his or her tutor via a specially developed platform, enabling a student - teacher relationship that is as close to sharing a conventional classroom as possible.

Discover your true potential now by taking the next step - enrol today and take your photography to another level.

The Photography Institute, your partner to a better and brighter future.

Really comprehensive and detailed learning material and quick turnaround with marking of assignments.

Tracie Hartley

Port Macquarie, NSW

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 642 reviews.

  • Michael

  • 16/11/2021

Thoroughly enjoying the course and…

Thoroughly enjoying the course and learning different aspects of photography

  • Michael, Melbourne

  • 28/10/2021

Certificate in Professional Photography - a fantastic course for enthusiastic photographers.

I have signed up for the Certificate in Professional Photography course in early September, and just completed Module 5. I...

  • Tracy

  • 16/10/2021

Great I have enjoyed this course and…

Great I have enjoyed this course and the feedback is in good detail and helped me learn alot through out...

  • Chris Lees

  • 12/10/2021

The certificate course written by…Christopher Lees.

The certificate course written by George Seper is very informative. It can be a little heavy in places but digital...

  • Grace

  • 21/09/2021

A fantastic way to learn the ins and…

A fantastic way to learn the ins and outs of photography! I decided to enrol in the certificate course during Covid19...

  • Kirsty

  • 11/09/2021

I have found this course very well set…

I have found this course very well set out and easy to follow, the support and help I have received...

  • Michael Wolfe

  • 08/09/2021

Finding a good online training provider…

Finding a good online training provider can be hard work, and can a bit nerve racking... just at that point...

  • customer

  • 08/09/2021

Fantastic course

Fantastic course! Loving every minute, Very informative and educational Love it Great tutors and professional advice throughout

  • Tracy

  • 05/09/2021

Awesome course with great support and…

Awesome course with great support and help. Reccomend

  • John Calder

  • 28/08/2021

I am very pleased with this course

I am very pleased with this course. George is very helpful and willingly shares his vast knowledge and experience. Best...

  • Belinda Anne Bye

  • 26/08/2021

Has been an excellent course to further…

Has been an excellent course to further my skills, great teachers who are very supportive and always available. Great feedback...

  • Shelley Horder

  • 24/08/2021

Highly recommended!!

I'm halfway through my diploma and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I have learnt a lot. I definitely recommend this course...

  • Emily Callaghan

  • 20/08/2021

Enjoyable and productive.

Really enjoying this course and on a practical note I'm seeing an improvement in my photography with each module that...

  • KH

  • 14/08/2021

Great content

Content is really great, easy to follow but still thorough. Love how the models are set out and love the...

  • Vanessa Hollingworth

  • 29/07/2021

A great course

I have loved doing this course so far. It’s gave me such a depth of knowledge and understanding on how...