Diploma Course Outline

Module 1


Get to know the authors, before they introduce you to the world of professional photography as it exists today. This module is an extensive look at the equipment you will use, covering cameras, how they function and when to take advantage of the broad range of lenses available to you.

Module 2


Learn how to control your camera and capture the images you have always imagined. You will learn all aspects of correct camera handling including an in-depth understanding of the settings on your camera and how to control the exposure to achieve the results you want, when you want, every time.

Module 3

Post Production

Quick and accurate Post Production plays a very important role in the photography workflow and this module explores in depth the use of post-production Programs focusing on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This will give the student a comprehensive experience using and applying these programs as in a professional manner as part of their workflow. This module also focuses on Digital art and expanding their knowledge of current industry practice.

Module 4


In this module we will be learning about light, the characteristics of light and how we, as photographers, harness the characteristics of light to good effect in our photographs. The ability to light our subjects well, gives us a unique selling proposition in our professional practice.

Module 5

Advanced Lighting

In this module we will explore a range of historical and contemporary sources of light. You will examine the theories of light and how you can prepare to shoot for a range of lighting techniques and situations. You will explore lighting with a range of subject and locations including interior and exterior locations. You will produce a series of photo images using appropriate lighting techniques and technologies to create an emotional response to the viewer. You will learn how to identify future work directions in contemporary industry and how to respond to the changes this creates.

Module 6

Colour Management

In this module you will learn the advanced techniques of correct colour management. Colour management encompasses areas of capture, display and output in the imaging workflow and evaluates correct management of these spaces. We will identify and select appropriate calibration devices to create profiles for your system. You will then review this impact on your workflow and amend any areas that need consideration.

Module 7

The Business of Photography

In this module you will identify current industry trends that impact on photo imaging and evaluate how these trends can impact on your professional practice. You will identify business opportunities associated with these trends and develop entrepreneurial strategies to develop within the marketplace. You will then focus on relevant employment opportunities within industry and maintain industry contacts. You will produce material about the services you provide and promote your business across a range of media outlets and online platforms. You will establish a clear and concise agreement with a client and agree on fees, schedules and expenses.

Module 8

Visual Communication

Visual communication is part of our everyday life, we see it online, on the TV and in our geographical locations. The effective use of communicating visually is complex and includes requires the creative to correctly interpret a brief, develop conceptually concepts around the brief, be able to critique the idea and interpret the mode of delivery for the audience. In this module you will learn how to determine your intent of visual communication specific to your target audience for photo images.

Module 9

Interpreting Creatively

In this module you will examine traditional and contemporary ways photomedia is used. You will identify appropriate digital, traditional and contemporary methods that can be applied to photomedia projects. You will develop a body of work using research as an underpinning requirement. You will achieve different effects and results within your photography practice and refine your ideas through a process of experimentation. You will review your work and finalise the images while applying safe work practices. Your final project for this module will be a body of work encompassing your research and experimentation that will inform your final images.

Module 10

Commercial Photographic Services

In this module we will explore how to interpret a commercial photography brief you will learn how to research styles and conceptualise aesthetic approaches to specific job requirements. You will learn how to prepare job estimates and how to apply a creative fee for your time and effort. You will prepare terms and conditions, budgets and quote on shooting against your initial estimate. You will make an agreement and complete your contract. We will investigate codes of practice, licencing and permit requirements for commercial shoots. You will then also apply this knowledge to the stock photography industry and create a body of work for a stock agency.

Module 11

Develop Yourself Artistically

In this module you will be developing your own ideas and studying the work of others to stimulate your own conceptual and technical skills and consider intellectual property implications. You will explore and use technology to expand your own practice, identify industry networks and events to generate work opportunities and promote yourself as an artist. This will include considerations for an exhibition and all associated promotional material, artist statements and PR requirements. You will investigate and present a body of work using a range of visual communication modes and media to engage a target audience of your choosing and seek to evaluate how this theory impacts on your own creative practice.

Module 12

Final Body of Work - Portfolio and Area of Specialisation

In this module you will be building your final body of work as a portfolio in your area of interest. You will combine everything you have learned so far to create an industry standard series of images. You will consider your target audience for this body of work and a variety of means of displaying you images online. This will include a website and social media considerations. You will investigate how visual communication engages your target audience and how you will apply visual communication theories to your photo images. You will explore presentation options for your portfolio and consult with relevant people when developing presentation options. You will develop your presentation concept using critical thinking skills. You will refine how the presentation will work and explore the production budget, timeframes and workflow plans with consideration to timeframe, objectives and copyright requirements. You may need to address technical challenges that arise during the process. You will then present your own creative work stylistically that suits your genre and seek feedback on your body of work. You will also develop systems to identify to future presentations and business opportunities.


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