Photography Course Reviews

Joanne Clare

Mona Vale, NSW

Photography has always been my passion, and I have developed my style with seascapes and landscapes over a number of years.

What I didn't have was the business skills and style refinement I needed to make photography my job. I had already completed the Certificate course a number of years ago, but I decided the Diploma course was something that I needed to further my knowledge.

The diploma course contained everything I needed to take that hobby and passion and turn it into a business. Being able to study online in my own time was valuable as I took 3 years to complete the course, but I did it and finished my goal.

It's now time to take a leap off that mountain and immerse myself into the world of being a photographer. I look forward to applying my newfound knowledge and seeing how far I can fly.



Juan Carlos Osma

Perth, WA

This is the best decision I made this year!

The PI Certificate Course is a must for aspiring photographers and a should for some professionals. The interaction with your tutor, the feedback from the assignments, and how it is written is a full package and well-spent money.

I recommend this online course 100%.


Mark Lancaster

Cairns, QLD

This course is amazing!

I knew very little about photography when I started the course, but as I worked through the modules, my knowledge and skills grew. This course has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

The flexibility of this course, together with the expertise of the tutors, made the whole learning experience a pleasure. Within the same week of completing this diploma course, I have been up in a helicopter with the doors off for a commercial shoot, and my work is currently being exhibited in a Gallery, which will be on display for one month. This would never have happened if it were not for this course.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional photographer.


Fiona Sexton

Melbourne, VIC

I have always "dabbled" in photography but felt I needed some direction. I was at a time in my life when I was ready for a change and decided to bite the bullet and enrol in the Diploma of Photography.

I chose the Diploma over the Certificate as I was looking for a career change, and the Diploma offered more business content as well as photography content. Looking back now, it is amazing to see how far I have come. I was able to do the course in my own time and still look after 3 young kids.

There was a lot of research and self-directed learning, which is hard when you are doing it, but you appreciate it once you've done it. As with anything, you get out what you put in! Despite being in lockdown for 250 days of the course, I was still able to come out with a diverse portfolio, my own website, new skills, interests and a love of the history of photography.

Don't get me wrong; there were challenges along the way. At times, I was way out of my comfort zone, but I pushed through and am ready to start the next adventure. No looking back now!


Tracie Hartley

Port Macquarie, NSW

Really comprehensive and detailed learning material and quick turnaround with marking of assignments.


Paulo Ricardo Pereira de Oliveira

Adelaide, SA

Studying at the Photography Institute was one of the most complete photography learning experiences I've ever had!

I had already taken some photography courses before, but never anything so complete and so objective. Everything about photography has never been so demystified and at the same time with a clear, almost everyday focus.

I say this because I attended other photography courses before in which technical explanations or secrets of results in photography art were presented in an incomplete or hidden way; at the Photography Institute, that did not happen. Everything was presented clearly and precisely, and of course, the rest will depend on the student to practice and practice and practice.

The tutorship also presents itself in a very accessible way and with a friendly conversation that allows the student to feel at ease even to overcome their fears regarding the art of photography, and at the same time proposing creative, artistic and innovative solutions.

I loved the experience. I would do it again, that's for sure!


Nicole Peters

Shepparton, VIC

I decided to complete this course when I decided to turn my hobby into a career.

Studying while also working, I have gained so much skill and knowledge. I can see the difference between my photographs from the start of the course to the images that I am now able to produce.

Your tutor works with you to ensure that you understand each step of the course and helps you when you need more guidance.

I have studied online before and have had a bad experience with my set tutors not helping and really not caring if you fail or not. That made me really wary of applying for this online course. But I am so glad that I took the leap and I was truly surprised by how much your tutors wanted to see you succeed.

I will be forever grateful for their guidance. They are truly passionate about what they do and making sure you reach your goals.

Thank You Team

Abigail Louise Bradbury

Sunbury, VIC

When I began this course 17 months ago, I was told by friends and those who saw my work that my photography was 'amazing'.

I never believed them fully and constantly doubted my skills. Something was missing. I signed up for the Diploma course to increase my ability, certainly, but also to build my confidence. Somewhere along the way, this has happened; I have started to believe in myself and have begun to create images of a consistently professional standard.

The advice I wish I'd had at the beginning would be to make sure you ask for help, not just your tutor, but also your fellow 'diplomees' and experts in your chosen field. Ask for feedback, take it on board and act on it. Oh, and start logging your SDS hours from the beginning so that you're not cramming them in at the end!

Thank you to my tutor and student support for fielding all of my questions!


Cameron Crisafio

Fremantle, WA

The Certificate in Photography is a really great online course to undertake.

I took the full 12 months to complete it, but it can easily be done quicker. Before starting the course, I only had a little experience with my DSLR, but I wanted to know more about the technical aspects of photography. Since completing the course, I now have so much more knowledge about my camera and the photographic process required to take great images.

Having a personalised online tutor was also really handy. I could ask my tutor, Steven Vote, any questions about the course, modules, or assignments, and I would get a response quickly. He also provided very valuable feedback after each assignment which I will keep on hand for future reference.

The course is structured very well, and the content is all relevant. George Seper and the Photography Institute team have done a great job putting it altogether. I would happily recommend the online course to those out there who are interested in photography and want to develop their skillset and knowledge further.


Stephen Savage

Sydney, NSW

I started this course with very little knowledge of photography.

I mainly shot landscape at the time. Throughout the course I gained a lot of knowledge which led me to fashion and studio photography.

I now am a professional Fashion Photographer and I'm getting paid to do what I love.

I found my Tutor very helpful and very quick to reply to my questions. Which was great when I needed an answer in hurry, as let's face it we all have careers and lives to live.

I found this to be very comforting to know my assignment were being marked and assessed by an award winning and industry professional that has been through it all.

If you are looking for a course to build your photography skill for hobby or profession, I would strongly recommend The Photography Institute. This course has opened my eyes to a much broader world of photography. Take the plunge!!

Natalie Smith

Gold Coast, QLD

I love, love, love this course!

I started the Certificate course as a relative beginner. The course has guided me through a clear pathway of learning and how to apply them practically. My tutor, Justin, was great. He was accessible throughout and gave me direction, which I could apply to my growing photography business.

My photography business is growing, and I am booking in clients! I am now starting the advanced Lightroom module and am loving the blended learning. From the very first section, I learnt something new! As a graphic designer, I thought I knew Adobe products really well - I can't believe how much I have learnt!

Thank you! If you are thinking about doing the course, do it! You will be so glad you did; I can't recommend it highly enough.


Bessie O'Connor

Melbourne, VIC

What an innovative learning experience and motivational journey into the world of photography for a mature-age student like me.

I gained so much essential knowledge from the modules and additional references and was able to transfer this learning into practice in the assignments. This was challenging, but the guidance and encouragement from my tutor in assignment feedback helped me to stay on track. George Seper, you are such an insightful, excellent tutor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Throughout the course, there was also an encouragement to network with other students through Facebook, Instagram etc. I was also impressed with how user-friendly the PI technology is, especially the access to the Portfolio website.

The exposure to fresh ideas about current industry practices and the skills needed to make one’s mark in this field have given me the confidence to move into this industry. My sincere thanks to my tutor George and the support staff for assisting me in starting my photographic journey. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to move into the photographic industry.

Louise Moloney

Armstrong Creek, QLD

I have really enjoyed this challenge doing this course with The Photography Institute.

I now look at all images with a critical eye and my camera in a completely different way.I look at things differently not just when I have my camera - lights, shadows, patterns, highlights and such and think how I would capture them.

Student Support has been great with prompt replies to any of my inquiries. The Tutors comments on the assignments have been really helpful and given me a better understanding of where I should be going in future captures.

It was well worth the cost and effort! Thanks to all!


Jennifer Turner

Fremantle, WA

This is a wonderful course, I very much enjoyed reading the modules which were written so well and with a hint of humour which kept them entertaining! I feel I have learnt a lot throughout the duration of this course, there were some more difficult modules to get through than others, but felt I always had the support when asking questions both from my Tutor Steven Vote and also from the student Facebook forum.

I feel I have grown as a photographer and have been encouraged positively all the way. I am still developing my skills and would definitely be keen to take up an advanced module. I would highly recommend this course.


Olivia Nebart

Newcastle, NSW

This course has been absolutely amazing and has taught me so much over the last couple of months.

I completed this course in 5 months and have loved every minute. Before I started this course in 2016 I brought a really good camera and for a couple of years, I just used it in automatic mode as I had no idea how to use it. At the end of last year I started the course and after doing a couple of modules I could use the manual mode of my camera, knew technical terms and how that related to my camera for example aperture and what that meant for using my camera.

I love that this course is fully online and your online tutor is there for you 24/7. When you submit your assignment it doesn't take long for them to mark your assignment and get back to with helpful criticism and hints to make your work better. There is also a 24/7 online Facebook group of other PI students completing this course where you can ask questions and see other peoples' work for inspiration. On this Facebook group site, there are also pdf files that help with specific modules that take you step by step through things that need explaining.

Through this course, I can now start up my photography business which I have always dreamed of doing and through this course I can now achieve my dream.

I have never been happier in completing the course as I am not usually one for studying; but with the tutors, student support system and well-explained modules, it was a piece of cake.


Daniel Ragusa

Brisbane, QLD

I began this course having a basic knowledge about photography and how camera’s work. Now that I have completed this course, my knowledge and skills have increased significantly.

There is so much information you can receive from the modules, which help you to increase your knowledge and the theory side of photography. However, the assignments taught me a lot in the practical part really quickly as well.

George Seper was my tutor during this course and I would like to thank him for all he has done for me and helped me with. He was very helpful and gave constructive feedback when marking the assignments. Had a fast reply at all times on my photos followed, by great information to any questions I had.

During this course, my passion for photography has grown so much and I am now looking forward to go out and start a career in what I am passionate about.

This course is an excellent and professional course and for anyone looking to start a career or hobby in photography. I highly recommend this course with PI and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Jodie Watson

Moe, VIC

Thank you so much for this course!

It gave me the confidence to complete something in my own time assuming I would be doing this on my own. I have a great tutor and loved getting honest feedback on each question completed.

Halfway through this course I took a gamble and applied a for a job at Satin Edge Photography. A small business in a small but expanding town which I live close, to learn more.

The lady who interviewed me recognised this course as she completed it herself and I got the job as an apprentice photographer!!!

I am over the moon and it would never have happened if I didn't jump into this course and start a long term dream. Thank you!


Caitlin Kohinga

Melbourne, VIC

This course is incredible. My biggest thing that I've found is how passionate the tutors are and how informative they are. I genuinely feel proud to be a Student and now a Graduate.

I've already recommended this course to friends and family who are interested in photography as well, and they are seriously considering enrolling, because I've talked so highly of it.

This is great for a beginner, because it will challenge you more and you will learn a lot. But, for someone like myself, who had photography studies and experience under my belt already, this totally taught me so many things I never even thought of and I feel so much more confident and passionate about photography myself.

I've learnt my camera back to front and only use manual now for everything. I feel confident with my knowledge and technique to work with clients. Not only through my work, but with what clients really want, and purely now, just kicking goals.

You have more than enough time to complete this. I just can't recommend this course enough to anyone who is thinking about it. Thanks heaps Photography Institute. You're the best!! :)

Rebecca Diepenheim

Melbourne, VIC

So, here I am at the other end of this course. I'm someone who's always been very interested in photography, but didn't know the first thing about f stops, aperture, histograms (histo-what??) and to top it off, hadn't studied for 30 years.

Could I do a self-paced course, whilst holding down a full-time job and travelling 3 hours a day? Why not!

What better way to test yourself, and prove you're not the biggest procrastinator on the planet and gain the sound and knowledgeable advice throughout the duration of the course from your tutor (I was fortunate enough to get George Seper himself). The PI support team were also fabulous and I gained very valuable insight from my fellow PI students online - seriously, who needs a classroom!

I've learnt so much. More than I could ever have imagined, and the proof is always in the pudding, when you realise "hey, I can take great photos" - and you did it all in Manual mode.

I urge anyone who's looked at this course online, thought about it, but hasn't quite been sure whether to take the plunge. Don't hesitate - do it! It's worth every cent, you'll get a wealth of information out of this course and find yourself standing at the other end, like me - throwing your virtual cap in the air and doing a happy dance.

Kenneth Chan

Wantirna South, VIC

I love art and creativity, and this course has provided me with a well-planned steer toward becoming a better photographer. I would like to thank George for sharing his professional knowledge and the helpful support team for making this journey such a pleasant learning experience.

The course has a myriad of articles and engaging activities from understanding exposure, creative techniques for composing different types of photos, to interesting assignments that put what you learn into practice. Speaking from experience, things just get better each step of the way with the culmination of earning the certificate.

On top of that, assignment feedback provided by George has been both insightful (based on his personal experience) and encouraging. The thing I find that sets this course apart from the rest, is the personal mentorship along the way and the genuineness with which everyone at PI demonstrates.

Thank you once again to the team at PI for a job well done and making this so worthwhile. I highly recommend this course to any keen photographer...


Simon Everiss

Croydon Park, NSW

Before completing my course in Photography, I was not confident at all with the photos I took and certainly didn’t believe I could make money off taking photos.

Since completing this course I have established myself and I am getting a steady flow of work from kids & family portraiture, weddings, corporate events and selling fine art prints.

I have my own website which has generated plenty of work for me and has put me on the road to becoming a successful photographer.

I have George and the great support of the team to thank.

I absolutely recommend this course to EVERYONE...

Gary Kewish

Bundaberg, QLD

The course was brilliant! Being able to do it at my own pace worked well with my lifestyle and was easy to do whilst still maintaining a full time job at the same time. The modules were written in a very easy to understand manner and abundant with inspiration and motivating discussions.

The assignment marking was very prompt and jam packed with useful advice and critiques that will be of value for a life time and I always felt confident that my work would be marked with the utmost of fairness and honesty. The tutor treated me as an individual and all his commentary was aimed at giving me every possible assistance in paving a future in photography, and using my very own style of photography.

Being able to connect with tutors and students on Facebook was very rewarding and allowed me to discuss any aspect of photography, the course, and follow each others work. I put an edge on writing my own assignments and it inspired me to be more creative. I will continue to keep updated with fellow student discussion boards long after my course is finished.

The staff and admin at The Photography Institute where very accommodating and I felt very much like I had friendly and personalised relations.

Doing the course gave me great direction and a huge confidence boost. It is an invigorating feeling knowing that soon my certificate will be arriving in my mailbox.

I fully recommend to everyone wanting to study photography to go ahead with The Photography Institute. It was well worth it for me...

Gavin Nethery

Gerringong, NSW

The PI course in Photography has helped me immensely over the past year and will continue to help me for years to come. The course has a wealth of information that I will draw back on for a long time. For the amateur photographer who thinks they know all about photography, think again, there is so much to learn and I'm sure this course is only the tip of the ice berg, but it has opened up my eyes to a world of knowledge. The course has improved my photography over the past year and has therefore increased my satisfaction in taking photos.

The course has opened new chapters in my photography life by allowing me to dabble in genre’s I normally wouldn’t shoot such as portrait and food photography, as well as channeling my passion for landscape photography in to travel/resort photography, a passion I am now perusing as a second income. To be paid to take photos would be a dream come true and I feel it would not have been a possibility without this course.

The tutors always return assignments promptly with very helpful responses and information. A professional opinion on your photographs is an excellent learning tool.

Student Support is always friendly and helpful and the new facebook group is fantastic for engaging with other students and Student Support.

I have made a small website to showcase some of my photos while I build a more professional website to hopefully start my travel & resort photography business:

Thank you PI...

Danielle Burley

St Kilda, VIC

I have just completed the PI course and I am very happy with the outcome. I feel I have benefited a lot from doing this online course!

I discovered my passion for photography while travelling. My skills were self taught and even though I felt I had the confidence to turn my hobby into a career, I felt I needed that extra education and this is where I discovered The Photography Institute. Each module was very informative and also quite easy to understand, if I was ever stuck or didn't understand a part of my assignment I would email either Student Support or my tutor, I would always get my answer within 12 hours, sometimes in 2 hours, it was great.

The feedback I also received from my tutor after I submitted my assignments was very informative and very helpful. In some of the modules it required you to submit photos, this part is excellent, as your tutor critiques your photos, this was important for learning new techniques and developing my skills.

I have now completed my course and am happy with all of my results. I am now working as a freelance Photographer, I am currently targeting new fashion designers and also new models, I would love to be the photographer for the next Alex Perry or Miranda Kerr, that is my goal, my dream.

I would highly recommend anybody who is considering taking this course, I have learnt a lot from this course and I believe you will too.

Good luck!..

Courtney Raper

Avalon, NSW

I have just recently finished my photography course with The Photography Institute, it took me 10 months to complete and now I can't believe it's all over! My Mum asked me yesterday; 'so what are you going to do with yourself now?'. Well thanks to The Photography Institute, I now feel that I am equipped with all the tools that I need to put myself out there in the industry.

Having your own personal tutor and having their feedback on all the photos you take is priceless and has made me so much more confident in the work I do! It is truly fantastic to have your tutor critic your work as a photographer working in the industry. The feedback you receive on assignments is really great and you will learn from this as well, not just from the modules.

George Seper is ingenious! I have not studied since 2005 so I wasn't sure how I would fair but he made this course a delight to read, all the while you are learning invaluable information and at times laughing along as you go!The assignments are all lots of fun and it’s amazing how there is always something more to learn or something you didn't know.

That's the great thing about photography, we will never stop learning! So we will never be bored! The most amazing thing about this course is that you can go as fast or as slow as you like! I completed this course, as I said, in 10 months all the while I was working two jobs, photographing weddings, travelling overseas, getting engaged and the list goes on (Also I don't know of any educational facility that lets you wear your pyjamas to class)!

I am really glad that I did this course, and for such a minimal fee considering everything that you learn and gain.

I have recommended this course to a friend already and he is halfway through and loving it.

I want to thank everyone at The Photography Institute, keep up the good work...


Janette Anderson

Boronia, VIC

Being able to do this course online has allowed me the freedom to develop my craft around other commitments.

It inspired excellence, taught me things about my camera I didn't know, taught me creative techniques and how to actually create images not just take images. It has given me the confidence to move beyond my comfort zone and develop my own vision of image-making.

From completing this course, I already have been commissioned for a commercial product shoot.

Thanks David for your input and feedback after each assignment. It was invaluable and like another tutorial in itself.

I thoroughly recommend this course if you are interested in taking your photography to the next level.

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