CUA50920 - Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging

Under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), which regulates education in Australia, all students who successfully complete this course will receive a nationally accredited Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging and graduate as a professional photographer.

CUA50920 – Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging has a minimum requirement of 17 units of competency. Four core units of competency plus thirteen elective units of competency. The units of competency selected by The Photography Institute for this qualification can be viewed below:

Core Units

CUAPHI523 - Employ colour management in a digital imaging workplace (core)

CUAPHI531 - Apply visual communication theory to photo imaging practice (core)

CUAPHI532 - Research and apply photo imaging trends and emerging technologies (core)

CUAPHI533 - Explore and apply photo lighting techniques (core)

Elective Units

CUAPHI536 - Provide photographic portrait services

CUAPHI537 - Produce media photo images

CUAIND412 - Provide freelance services

CUAPPR511 - Realise a body of creative work

CUAPHI312 - Capture photographic images

CUAPHI535 - Produce commercial photo images

CUADIG518 - Refine digital art techniques

CUAPHI521 - Make illustrative photo images for publication and display

CUAPPR414 - Develop self as artist

CUAACD522 - Work with photomedia in creative practice

CUAPHI403 - Enhance, manipulate and output photo images

CUADIG415 - Produce innovative digital images

CUAIND411 Extend expertise in specialist creative fields

I signed up for the Diploma course to increase my ability, certainly, but also to build my confidence. Somewhere along the way, this has happened; I have started to believe in myself and have begun to create images of a consistently professional standard.

Abigail Louise Bradbury

Sunbury, VIC

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